VinTech Nano Materials: Nano-Engineered Innovations for Lubrication and Coating

Top 10 NanoTech Solution Companies - 2022

NanoTech or Nanotechnology has proved to be the key technological revolution in the 21st century, gaining huge popularity worldwide. Presently, nanotechnology is being applied in almost every industry vertical, including electronics, food, biomedicine, and textiles. It improves existing industrial processes, applications, and materials by scaling them down to the nanoscale to fully exploit the unique quantum and surface phenomena. That’s why businesses are gravitating toward nanotechnology to improve existing products by creating smaller components and better-performing materials, all at a minimal cost.

The concept of Nanotechnology is nothing new as it has been used for more than 30 to 40 years. For instance, chemists have been making polymers for several decades, and through nanotechnologies, the tiny features on the computer chips have been created for the past 30 years.

Natural Carbon can exist in two different types, i.e., graphite and diamond, but from the year 1985 to 2004, through nanoscale technology the, three new additional forms were discovered that caused massive excitement among researchers about carbon nanomaterials which were carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and graphene which is often termed as ‘wonder material.’

Today, we have smartphones of various sizes with several features, and these wouldn’t have been possible without numerous microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices that came forth in industrial manufacturing some 20-30 years ago. Later, researchers took a step ahead and started exploring another level of miniaturization through – nanoelectromechanical systems, which are sensitive detectors of charge, energy, and displacement.

However, with the advancement in newer tools, individual molecules and atoms are examined carefully, which has opened the door for the expansion of nanotechnologies with fresh concepts. Therefore, NanoTech can be considered the future of advanced development.

Applied Technology Review presents the “Top 10 NanoTech Solutions Providers - 2022” who are one step ahead of the curve in resolving the daunting challenges in the industry today.

    Top NanoTech Solution Companies

  • VinTech has developed a comprehensive platform of commercially viable, patented nano-engineered lubricants, chemicals, and protective coatings geared toward the needs of automotive, trucking, railroad, agriculture, aerospace, marine, robotics, and oil and gas industries

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    GUARDx Armor GFC Offers Proprietary Multi-Dimensional (Quality, Productivity, Cost Savings) Performance Enhancements

  • H2OIL offers a novel nanotechnology-based solution for cutting costs, reducing pollution, and lowering the fossil fuel market's impact on the global climate crisis. H2OIL Corporation has developed a highly concentrated fuel additive called "eeFuel," which could easily be dosed into all of these fuels, creating a stable micro-emulsion fuel with significantly enhanced combustion properties. eeFuel forms a "water-in-oil" micro-emulsion when mixed with typical hydrocarbon fuels. The "nano" part of this technology is the ability to control both the structure and size of these emulsified water droplets.

  • Altairnano


    Altair Nanotechnologies specializes in the development and manufacturing of energy storage systems for efficient power and energy management

  • Bruker


    Bruker is the world leader in magnetic resonance imaging, offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies for NMR, EPR, TD-NMR and MRI

  • HZO


    HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ brings together a robust portfolio of materials capable of protecting sensitive circuitry and devices against a wide variety of environments and hazards

  • Matregenix


    Matregenix, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures highly tunable nanofibrous materials adaptable to the customized needs in a wide range of application

  • nanoComposix


    nanoComposix provides nanoparticles, contract development, and scaled manufacturing to help customers bring nanotechnology-enabled products to market

  • Nano9 Labs

    Nano9 Labs

    Nano9™ is a scientifically driven company, specializing in the development and production of leading nano-sized health & wellness products utilizing our proprietary Nano technology

  • Nanophyll


    NanoPhyll develops and manufactures hydrophobic nanocoating that improve the properties of metals, plastics, concrete and ceramics for industrial applications

  • Pixelligent


    Pixelligent by synthetically replicating a broad set of metal oxide materials found in nature, they’ve created Designer Compounds™ that deliver a never-before-seen combination of properties and performance

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